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West Coast Fatnile Fat Reduction formula - 60 Capsules

Brand : Healthvit

Fat Reduction Formula

Lose Weight
Fast & Safety

Weight management
Appetite suppressor
Fat Burner
For colon cleansing

FATNIL is a unique blend of nutritional ingredients designed to help you lose weight safely and naturally.
FATNIL provides special lipotropic nutrients.
A special combination of ingredients which will help to boost your energy levels (Guarana), decrease your food intake and achieve your goals naturally without synthetic drug or stimulants.
FATNIL is a 100 % natural slimming formula – designed to gives you maximum fat metabolism, fat elimination & fat termination.

Chitosan has been shown to bind from 4 to 12 times its own weight of dietary fat, reducing or preventing their absorption. Chitosan a non-digestive natural dietary fibre derived from shellfish shells. In common with many other dietary fibres it binds weight of dietary fat, reducing or preventing their absorption.

Chromium picolinate known for its high fibre contents and an herbal extract rich in (-) hydroxycitric acid known to be key nutrient for overall weight loss management by facilitating Glucose utilization.

Functions without disrupting normal body processes. Provides an excellent source of dietary fibre

Food Supplement
As with other food supplements, seek professional advice before using if you are under medical supervision, pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from food allergies.
Helps to....
Ulcers and osteoporosis
Stop the growth of certain tumors
High blood pressure and cholesterol
Weight loss agent
Garcinia Cambogia help to
Fat production : It blocks the fat producing enzyme citrate lyase.this makes it harder for the body to produce fat
Cravings: it increases level of the hormone serotonin in the brain .this can theoretically lead to reduced appetite & fewer carvings.

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