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Veeon Intimate Vaginal 4 Tablets

Brand : Veeon

Veeon INTIMATE female organ Tablets is a safe and natural solution to check leucorrhea and tighten female organ muscles.

Veon INTIMATE female organ Tablet is used to contract and tone-up lax and sagging female organ muscles. After childbirth, the organ may become stretched, loosed or prolapsed. With childbirth-and aging-pelvic muscles relax and the internal and external diameters of the female organ increase. Veeon Intimate tablets are very helpful in such cases. By contracting and toning the female organ, it enhances enjoyment for both the women and the man.

Directions For Use:- Insert 1 tablet into the female organ at bed time daily or alternate day.

  • Wash your hands and hold the pessary in your hand.
  • Sit or lie down with your knees bent and legs apart.
  • Gently insert the pessary into the female organ as far as is comfortably possible using your fingers.
  • Wash your hands again.

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