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IHP Denta-3 (Tooth Lotion with Mouthwash) 30 ml

Brand : IHP


DENTA CARE is a tooth lotion, which has been prepared from herbs and that active ingredients which help prevent so many dental problems like Toothache, gum Swelling , Gum Bleeding ,Bad Smell, Stomatitis, Yellow Teeth and help remove Tarter from the teeth.

Ingredients: Glycerine (Glycerine) 48.25%, Saath Ritha (Sapindus mukorossi) 49.25%, Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) 01.00%, Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora) 00.5%, Thymol (Thymus vulgaris) 00.5%, Menthol (Mentha) 00.5%

Useful in: Toothache, Pyorrhoea, Gum Swelling

As a tooth gel: Put 2-a drops of Denta-3 on your Toothbrush brush it gently.

As a mouthwash: Put 4 drops of Denta-3 in 1/4 glass of water gargle.

As a pain Killer: Moisten a small piece of Denta-3 place on the teeth which pain.

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