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Beelicious Honey with Ginger - 250 grams

Brand : Beelicious


Honey collected from the Punjab, Haryana and Himachal region.  Mainly Eucalyptus. Real Ginger extract is added to it. No flavors or artificial ingredients used.  Personally selected.

Tested on field with imported test kits. Processed at only 40 degrees celsious  to ensure that the enzymes and nutrients are not destroyed. No additives . Contactless , inline process.

Benefits include, Natural expectorant for coughs and colds, anti - inflammatory, anti- spasmodic, antiseptic, antibacterial. Good for the respiratory system and respiratory problems.

Heals cuts, wounds, sores, insect bites. Helps to relieve joint pain. Helps in rheumatism , stiff muscles , nerve pain . V effective against dental cavities and infections.


  • Primarily Eucalyptus honey
  • Excellent medicinal properties
  • 100 percent pure honey, collected from the Himachal, Punjab, Haryana belt.
  • Processed at only 40 deg. Cel to ensure all the enzymes, antioxidants, nutrients are intact.
  • Good for sore throats, coughs, colds, respiratory system, joint pains etc.
  • Honey, Oraganic Honey, Beelicious
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