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Advance Nutratech Taurine Supplement Unflavored 120 Capsules

Brand : Advance Nutratech

Description: Taurine-Taurine is a sulfur-based amino acid. It's found in the body in highest concentration in the heart, brain, retina and skeletal and smooth muscle.

It's considered a conditionally essential amino acid because it must be supplied for normal retinal and brain development. Taurine synthesis occurs in the liver and the brain.

Taurine is particularly high in foods such as milk, eggs, meat and fish. Physical activity depletes our Taurine reserves faster than most people can produce it.

As a result, vegetarians, athletes and individuals lacking meat in their diets are at the greatest risk for deficiency, and stand to benefit the most from supplementing this life-crucial nutrient.

As a catalyst to general amino acid efficiency as well as one of the most abundant amino acids in the human body, Taurine has a number of useful health benefits.

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