Supracal A Capsule - 10 Caps

Supracal A Capsule – 10 Caps

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Category : Dietary Supplement

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Generic Name : Alfacalcidol + Calcium Citrate

Manufacturer : Pharmed Limited

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Vitamin D is used for preventing and treating rickets, a disease that is caused by not having enough vitamin D. Calcium citrate is used to prevent or treat low blood calcium levels in people who do not get enough calcium from their diets.It is also used for treating weak bones (osteoporosis), bone pain (osteomalacia), bone loss in people with a condition called hyperparathyroidism, and an inherited disease (osteogenesis imperfecta) in which the bones are especially brittle and easily broken. It is also used for preventing falls and fractures in people at risk for osteoporosis, and preventing low calcium and bone loss (renal osteodystrophy) in people with kidney failure.


Ingredients: Alfacalcidol 0.25 mcg + Calcium citrate 1000 mg

Packing: 10 Caps/Strip

Formulation: Capsule

Dosage: As directed by the physician.

Precautions: Hypercalcaemia, coronary disease, renal function impairment, elderly patients. Pediatric doses must be taken under close medical supervision.

Contraindications: Hypercalcaemia, evidence of vitamin D toxicity, pregnancy and lactation.

Side Effects: Weakness, headache, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, constipation, muscle pain, bone pain, metallic taste, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias.

Storage Conditions: Store it at room temperature and Keep away from light and children.


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