Sugar Free Gold Pellets - 100 Pellets

Sugar Free Gold Pellets – 100 Pellets

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Category : Sweetener

Brand : Sugar Free

Manufacturer : Zydus Wellness

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Sugar Free Gold Pellets are a zero calorie Sugar Substitute made from Aspartame. It gives the exact same taste and sweetness of but with only 2% of its calories. This has proved to be a healthier alternative to sugar.


• Control your Calorie Intake and keep Fit
• It is Ideal for all the Fitness Seekers
• Diabetics and Weight Conscious


Quantity: 100 Pellets
Packing: 1 Box/Pack
Formulation: Pills
Key ingredients: Aspartame (Protein Derivative)
Advice: Kindly Consult with a Physician Before Consumption. Do Not use in Case of Allergies or if you are Under Medication.
Note: Not for Children below 15 Years of Age.


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