Memory Mantra Syrup

Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup 200ml

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Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup is 100% Ayurvedic Medicine – More Effective with standardized extracts without any Side Effect. It Helps for Anti stress, loss of memory, improves grasping power, reduces depression, anxiety or as directed by the Physician. Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup is a viscous concentrated aqueous solution of 9 effective and unique herbs that delivers calming and refreshing effect on the mind. Different herbs used in the Memory Mantra Ayurvedic syrup are time tested Ayurvedic herbs and provides broad spectrum benefits in relieving mind from stress, anxiety, tensions, depression and Increase Memory Power These herbs are rich source of active ingredients that work synergistically and help in enhancing cognition skills. Memory Mantra Ayurvedic syrup is herbal based formulation and does not contain any side effects. Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup is one the best health supplement for your brain in its own category. Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup also help in keeping your mind calm, alert and active.

How to use Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup?

Children: 1 teaspoon thrice a day.

Adults: 2 teaspoon thrice a day as directed by the physician.

Essential Instructions & Caution to use Memory Mantra Ayurvedic Syrup:

– Do not take spicy or deep fried foods.
– Do not take medicine empty stomach in the morning.
– During the course of medicine, do exercise by way of jogging in the morning, stand on your   toes, yoga and also take green vegetables in your daily food.
– Syrup “Memory Mantra” is purely an ayurvedic preparation it does not have any side effect.
– During the course of Syrup “Memory Mantra” you may continue your medication of fever, cough,   cold or headache if you already have it.
– Do take the medicine at least for 2 months (girls can use it even during menstruation).   Depending on the results the course of medicine can be extended further, which does not have   any side effect.


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