Macraberin Forte Tablet – 10 Tabs

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Category : Nutritional Supplements

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Generic Name : Vitamin B Complex + Folic Acid

Manufacturer : Sanofi CHC Team 1

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The fixed dose combination of vitamin B complex and folic acids is used as a nutritional supplement during pregnancy and lactation, and for growing children and old patients as a prophylaxis of megaloblasic anaemia.

Ingredients: Vitamin B complex + Folic Acid

Packing: 10 Tabs/Strip

Formulation: Tablet

Dosage: As directed by physician.

Precautions: Avoid in depressed haematopoiesis, alcoholism, deficiencies of other vitamins. Neonates. Antiepileptics, oral contraceptives, anti-TB drugs, alcohol, aminopterin, methotrexate, pyrimethamine, trimethoprim and sulphonamides may result to decrease in serum folate contrations.

Contraindications: Undiagnosed megaloblastic anaemia, pernicious, aplastic or normocytic anaemias.

Side Effects: Hypersensitivity reactions, bronchospasm.

Storage Conditions: Store it at room temperature and in an airtight container. Keep away from light and children.


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