Lozee M Cream - 15gm

Lozee M Cream – 15 gm

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Category : Psoriasis & Eczema

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Generic Name : Clobetasol Butyrate + Miconazole Nitrate

Manufacturer : Apex Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

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The fixed dose combination of clobetasol (corticosteroid of glucocorticoid group), miconazole (antifungal) and zinc used in the treatment of dermatological diseases and inflammation of the eye.

Ingredients: Clobetasol Butyrate 0.05% + Miconazole Nitrate 2% + Zinc Sulphate 2.5%

Packing: 1 Tube/Pack

Formulation: Cream

Dosage: As directed by physician.

Precautions: May be absorbed in sufficient amounts to cause systemic effects when applied topically to large areas, broken skin or under occlusive dressings. Peptic ulcer, osteoporosis, psychoses or severe psychoneuroses. Not to be used indiscriminately for pruritus. CHF or hypertension. Diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, glaucoma, infectious diseases, ocular herpes simplex, chronic renal failure and uraemia. Active or doubtfully quiescent tuberculosis. Local treatment of eye disorders. Elderly. Prolonged use on the face.

Contraindications: Pregnancy (in high doses). Presence of acute infections. Treatment of rosacea, leg ulcers, acne vulgaris, widespread plaque psoriasis. Child <1 year.

Drug Interaction: Live vaccines, barbiturates, carbamazepine, phenytoin, primidone or rifampicin, thiazide or furosemide. NSAIDs, anticoagulants. Salicylates, antimuscarinics.

Side Effects: Delayed wound healing. Sodium and water retention. Increased excretion of potassium. Calcium and phosphorus mobilization with osteoporosis and spontaneous fractures. Increased insulin requirements of diabetics. Increased liability to infection. Infections may be masked. Acute adrenal insufficiency. Growth retardation in child. Cushingoid symptoms. Amenorrhoea, hyperhidrosis, skin thinning, CNS effects, intracranial hypertension, acute pancreatitis, aseptic necrosis of bone.

Storage Conditions: Store it at room temperature and in an airtight container. Keep away from light and children.


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