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Hamdard Cinkara - 500ml

Hamdard Cinkara – 500 ml

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Category : Immunity Booster

Brand : Hamdard

Manufacturer : Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories

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A well-known tonic with vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts, Cinkara restores lost energy, increases appetite, improves debility and conditions of fatigue and is effective in convalescence.

Some tonics are rich only in vitamins , some in minerals, and dome abound in proteins and /or carbohydrates. However most of them have habit-forming alcohol. Cinkara has no alcohol at all.
Only cinkara contains, in addition to vitamins and minerals concentrated extract of herbal drugs which provides essential and beneficial elements which are good for your health and vital organs and increases your resistance to general weakness. These elements are magnesium, potassium, Calcium and sodium.

It is recommended as a diet supplement for all members of the family particularly to expecting and nursing mothers. Regular use keeps you fit and active, every moment, everyday!


General tonic
Improves mental functions
Improves growth and intellectual functioning of children
Liver protective
Anaemia of pregnancy
Improves breast milk production
Low appetite
Improves immunity
Vitamin deficiency
Weakness, fatigue, lethargy


Each dose of 30 ml contains

Vitamin A Palmitate I.P equivalent to 1250 I.U of Vitamin A
Vitamin B1 I.P 1.00 mg
Vitamin B2 I.P 1.00 mg
Vitamin C3 I.P 15.00 mg
Niacinamide I.P 13.00 mg
Calcium Lactate I.P 100.00 mg
Sodium Ascorbate I.P 10.00 mg
Conc aqu extract of : (One litre contains extract from 8 gm of each of the following):
Cardamom Fruit (Chhoti-IIaychi ) I.P 66
Clove (laung) I.P 66
Coriander (Dhania ) I.P 66
Cinnamon (Kalmi Dal chini) I.P 66
Cinnamomum Cassia (Darchini) I.P 55
Rosa Damascena (Gulab ka Phool) U.S.N.F VIII
Dried Orange Peel (Narangi ka Chhilika) I.P 66
Jatamansi (Balchhar ) I.P 66
Anisum (Aniseed ) I.P 55
Flavours :
Oil of Cassia I.P 66
Santalum album Oil U.S.N.F IX
Orange Oil Sweet B.PC
Syrup Base


Container Type: Bottle
Type: Liquid
Used For: Nutritional supplement for immunity
Quantity: 500 ml
Ideal For: Unisex

Dosage: Adult can take 2 tablespoonful or 30 ml twice a day after meals. Children can take 1 tablespoonful twice daily or as directed by the physician.


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